TEQUIMA – Separation Operations and Technology of Polymers Laboratory



  • Pilot Plant Spray Drying (production of microcapsules / nanoparticles).
  • Pilot Plant production of microcapsules (suspension polymerization).
  • Unit of recovery of polystyrene foams by supercritical technology.
  • Press OEKOTEC CA 59 G. Extraction of vegetable oils.
  • Sulzer pervaporation unit.
  • Demonstration plant for the recovery of polyurethane foams by glycolysis.
  • BUCHI BEP 280 500 ml reactor. BUCHI control model BDC.SC.
  • BUCHI B-290 Mini Dryer Spray with BUCHI B-296 dehumidifier and Inert Loop.
  • MALVERN Mastersizer 2000. Determination of solid particle sizes.
  • MALVERN Viscotek GPCmax VE-2001 TDA 302 detector.
  • MALVERN Bohlin Gemini Rheometer Advanced (viscosity of liquids, mixtures and suspensions).
  • Nüve TK120 climate cabin with temperature log. Thermal characterization of materials.
  • Kugelrhor vacuum short pass distiller. Component Separation
  • VIRTIS Advantage Freeze Dryer.
  • DSC, SETARAM Sensys Evo 600.
  • Automatic test equipment POFF, Mod. V22101 / ISL.
  • Automatic titrator 702 SM Titrino Metrohm.
  • Rancimat 743 Metrohm (Oxidation Stability).
  • PENSKY MARTENS PM4 / Petrotest (Semi-automatic closed cup inflammation point (diesel)).
  • G1530A-6890 Plus / Hewlet Packard gas chromatograph, glyceride analysis.
  • Elemental Analyzer CHNS CHNS 932 / LECO, Content Analysis in C, N, H, S.
  • Thermo TN 3000, sulfur content.
  • IQT (AET), Measurement of Cetane Number.
  • TGA Q600 Thermogravimetric analysis of materials.
  • HPLC 230. High performance liquid chromatograph. Analysis of volatile organic substances mixtures.
  • AXIO IMAGER A1. Optical microscope. Determination and counting of asbestos fibers and study of materials with phase change (PCM).
  • FT IR 640-IR. Spectrophotometer Analysis of crystalline free silica and identification of functional groups of materials.
  • ICP 710-ES. Mass spectrometer. Quantitative determination of most of the elements of the periodic table at trace and ultratrace levels, starting from samples in aqueous or organic solution. 

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