TEQUIMA – Laboratory of Electrochemical and Environmental Engineering

  • Tratamiento de aguas residuales industriales y de efluentes hospitalarios.
  • Electrochemical technology for purification and regeneration of purified water.
  • Remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater.
  • Tecnologías bioelectroquímicas para la recuperación de recursos de la minería metálica.
  • Energy Systems based on electrochemical technology (PEM fuel cells, microbiological fuel cells, redox flow batteries, connected with green energy)
  • Bio-Valorization of industrial effluents.


Doctorandos y Contratados

  • Equipment for physical-chemical analysis of water, waste and soil.
  • Plantas a escala bancada (5l/h): electrolisis, electrocoagulación, sonofotoelectrofenton, electroremediación y electro-fitorremediación de suelos.
  • Pilot scale plants (100l / h): electrocoagulation, electrolysis, electrodialysis, reverse osmosis, surface humidities, physical-chemical and biological water treatment, rotary drum composting.
  • Soil electroremediation plants (ERS) on a prototype scale of 16 and 32 m3 with rectifiers and SCADA. All of them, equipped with instrumentation and control systems.
  • CE scale photoelectrolysis bench scale plants. Anodic surface: 100 cm2, with Vilver Lourmat VL lamps (4w, 365 // 254-15w, 312/254 nm) and submersible lamp (11 w, 254 nm).
  • Bioreactors for continuous biological processes (3 of them with T, pH and redox control systems) and Biooxidation prototype plant, 200L.
  • Bench-level plants of electrochemical energy systems: PEM cells (25 cm2 and 50 cm2), redox flow batteries (40 cm2) and microbiological cells.
  • MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry, of Mabritec AG.
  • Microtox (Modelo 500), de SDI.
  • PCR en tiempo real (qPCR), de Thermo Fisher Scientific.
  • Sistema de antibiogramas y pruebas de identificación (ID/AST) Sensititre, de Thermo Fisher Scientific.
  • Renewable energy supply plants: 1 Prototype scale unit consisting of 10 photovoltaic panels (430 Wp) and a wind turbine (600 Wp), Pb batteries (500 Ah) and SCADA.-1 Prototype scale unit consisting of 10 photovoltaic panels ( 2150 Wp), Pb batteries (2500 Ah) and SCADA.
  • Test stations (DE arbin) for electrical energy storage systems, PEM type fuel cells and stack and redox flow batteries.
  • Electrospray / electrospining equipment for the preparation of nanofibers, core-shell particles and for the electrodeposition of materials on different substrates.
  • Cromatógrafo de Masas.
  • Sistema de microscopía de barrido electroquímico de alta frecuencia con módulos UV/VIS, RAMAN, y NIR.



Research projects

PhD thesis