Technological Offer

Grupo TEQUIMA (Facultad de Ciencias y Tecnologías Químicas)

Laboratory of catalysis and materials

  • Gas phase reactions at different pressures and temperatures
  • Reactions in liquid phase at different pressures and temperatures
  • Determine the composition of the products generated in the processes described above.
  • Carry out electrochemical and electrochemical promotion processes at atmospheric pressure and different temperatures.
  • Produce carbon and carbon-nitrogen nanostructures (nanofibers, nanotubes and nanospheres) at laboratory and pilot plant scale.
  • Chemical and electrochemical characterization
  • Determine and discriminate kinetic models from experimental data.
  • Simulation of chemical processes

Electrochemical and Environmental Engineering Laboratory

  • Analysis and physic-chemical characterization of domestic and industrial wastewaters.
  • Analysis and characterization of polluted soils and wastes of industrial, agriculture and livestock breeding activities.
  • Study of industrial wastewaters treatments.
  • Study of reuse of industrial waters and regeneration of domestic wastewaters.
  • Study of energetic and material valorization of industrial effluents of high load. Specifically, from agriculture and livestock breeding activities, by means of bio-treatments (composting, acidogenic, methanogenic and alcoholic fermentation, microbial fuel cells).
  • Gas phase reactions at different pressures and temperatures
  • Technical advice for the management and treatment of wastewaters, wastes and polluted soils.
  • Study of valorization of hydrogen and alcohol (metanol and etanol) streams, generated in industrial and environtmental processes by PEM fuel cells.

Separation Operations and Technology of Polymers Laboratory

  • Certified characterization of fuels
  • Vegetable oils characterization and refining
  • Recycling of plastic wastes by high pressure processes
  • Determination of desorption isotherms
  • Design, construction and implementation of turn-key facilities
  • Kinetic studies and optimization of extraction processes
  • Thermodynamic study for the controlled drug delivery
  • Synthesis of products for the controlled release of pharmaceuticals
  • Scale-up and test of pilot plants
  • Optimization of industrial processes
  • Design of “clean” processes

INQUIME group (Faculty of Environmental Science and Biochemical)

  • Obtención de principios activos útiles en la industria farmacéutica, alimentaria y cosmética mediante extracción supercrítica de productos naturales.
  • Treatment and recovery of waste (mineral and vegetable oils, catalysts, agricultural and agro-food industry waste, etc.) by supercritical extraction
  • Synthesis of chemicals and catalysts through chemical reactions under supercritical conditions
  • Wastewater treatment by anaerobic digestion
  • Wastewater treatment and water regeneration through conventional and micelle-enhanced ultrafiltration
  • Obtaining fuels through photo-reduction and electro-photo-reduction of CO2

Grupo IMAES (School of Industrial Engineering)

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