INQUIME – Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group




 We can realize
  • Application of high pressure technology to the synthesis of catalysts and products, to obtain high purity extracts from medicinal and aromatic plants and to the recovery of waste (lubricating oils, frying oils, catalysts, agricultural residues and the agri-food industry , ...).
  • Treatment of liquid effluents through anaerobic digestion, classic ultrafiltration and improved with micelles.
  • Synthesis of fuels from CO2.
We have Equipment
  • System for determining high pressure equilibrium data, THAR.
  • Various systems for reaction, particle synthesis, extraction and separation under supercritical conditions, THAR and MERVILAB.
  • Laboratory ultrafiltration unit, NOVASEP40.
  • Anaerobic digestion unit, ARMFIELD (model W8).
  • Reactors for carrying out photocatalytic and electrophotocatalytic reactions, according to group design, MERVILAB.
Analytical systems
  • WATERS liquid chromatograph, Model Breeze.
  • GCMS System, Model 6090.
  • AutoChem 2950 HP Chemisorption Analyzer (Micromeritics).
  • BET-ASAP 2020 (Micropore Dry)
  • VARIAN ICP-AES atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Liberty II Model
  • FTIR PERKIN ELMER SPECTRUM 100 spectrophotometer.
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